Artist Profiles

Lynelle Flinders

Specialising in hand printed textiles, artist Lynelle Flinders is a descendant of the Dharrba Warra Clan from the Starke River area north of Cooktown. Taking inspiration from her rich cultural heritage, Lynelle’s work highlights the growth, vibrancy and potential of Indigenous-led fashion and design.

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Emily Doolah

Artist Emily Doolah draws on her Indigenous heritage and knowledge as a means of educating and passing on the rich and diverse beauty of Torres Strait. Exploring fish motifs through the use of traditional weaving practices and contemporary materials, Emily demonstrates the importance of art in maintaining cultural dialogue.

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Elverina Johnson

Working to preserve the Indigenous spirit through the arts, Elverina Johnson has been a beacon of creativity for more than 30 years. A highly respected Gurugulu and Indinji Gimuy woman from Yarrabah in Far North Queensland – Elverina is one of the nation’s most recognisable Indigenous artists.

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